Thursday, June 08, 2006

Live Music at Lunch

Today I attended my first "Musique de jeudi" recital. The organist at a church that's one block from where I work gives these recitals every Thursday at 12:15, for about a half hour. I love hearing live music, and it's very cool that I have an opportunity to do this during my work day.

The church is the First United Methodist Church, and the organist is Dean Wagner. The audience was maybe 20 or 30 people I guess. Wagner came down and talked to the audience about what we were going to hear, which was useful because I didn't know what a ciacona was before but then I was able to recognize the characteristic repeating bass pattern in both the ciaconas (ciacone?) he played.

Today was Pachelbel day. Coming up:
June 15, Dietrich Buxtehude
June 22, Leon Boellmann
June 29, Musique de Jedi (Star Wars)
July 6, Flor Peeters


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