Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ex-Presidents Hot for Tivo (& Treo)

I know you've been wondering: What kind of cool electronic gear do our ex-presidents have? After extensive research (watching "The Daily Show" and reading Entertainment Weekly), I bring you this special report:

On "The Daily Show" a few weeks ago, John Stewart asked guest Jimmy Carter if he watched the show; President Carter replied that it was on pretty late, but he watched it on his TiVo.

One of the stupidest parts of Entertainment Weekly is a column called "Stupid Questions with..." (at least they're honest about it). I'm usually able to avoid it, but this time I was sucked in. Anyway, somehow Reba McEntire said that she was watching a baseball game on TV and saw her buddy George H.W. Bush and his wife sitting behind home plate. She got out her Treo and called him on his Treo, and saw him answer (the Treo is a kind of phone). She didn't say what model he had; if I had to guess, I would say it was a 700w, because Windows seems somehow more Republican than Palm OS.


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